HashOut: 2007/08/15
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Email Etiquette

Email EtiquetteBillions of emails are sent daily, many across the world, some between one desk and the next -- plenty of opportunity to inadvertently offend or annoy, especailly in a work situation. So:

Be brief. Emails that are more than a screen long are daunting and irritating. With friends you can be chattier.

Style counts. Spell check notes before you hit "send." Writing using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS signifies shouting; all small letters is hard to read.

Answer promptly. At work, respond within the day. When you are out for a day or more, program an "I'm away" auto reply.

Ignore chain mail, jokes and petitions. Almost no one likes them. Resist forwarding them unless they seem highly relevant.

Identify yourself. For business emails, create a standard sign-off that includes your full name, title, phone number, address and any pertinent infromation about your company.
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PPP is in

After over a year since PPP was born, it seems to have changed the face of blogging. People who said PPP was a failure have been wronged with PPP rapidly approaching a blogger base of 40,000 (known as Posties).

After finding nearly all prolific bloggers sporting the PPP badges on their blog, I felt it was time I gave it a try. When I signed up for PPP recently and went through the list of available opportunities, I was quite impressed to note that I might not need to review products that I have not used, thrashing my fear of losing my blog's credibility. There were scores of opportunities that just required to write about upcoming events, contests and stuff like that and get paid for it in return! Now does that sound exciting to you? Not just that. Most of the opportunities (known as opps) also allow you to write neutral about the subject.

Initially there were concerns with regard to disclosure, but that seems to have been overcome with the disclosure badge system.

About PayPerPost

PayPerPost (PPP) is a service which helps advertisers find bloggers who are willing to write about the advertiser's product or service and/or drive traffic to the advertiser's website in return for a remuneration. PayPerPost was founded on June 30, 2006 in Orlando, Florida, USA by Ted Murphy, who also founded the interactive agency MindComet and the "BlogStar Network", designed to connect advertisers with bloggers in a manual, non-marketplace fashion.
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