HashOut: 2007/09/01
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Do you know WHO is Thoof?

It has been reported that Thoof is spreading wildly within the blogosphere and there have been lots of rumors about the meaning of the word "Thoof". I couldn't digest any of the explanations and so I took the next flight out to Egypt to research on the word in St. Catherine Monastry's Library. After going through tons of books over a period of 14 sleepless days, I finally succeeded in finding out the meaning of the term "Thoof".

It turned out to be the name of a mythological giant man-dog which lived in Rome between c.1025 BC and c.32 BC and played an important role in Julius Caesar's civil war. Thoof had the body of a dog but the mind and speaking ability of a human being. Thoof was named Thoof because he had a nasty habit of showering saliva (Thook in Hindi) from his mouth while barking. It seems he was named so by his master who was an Indian immigrant living in Hispania.

During the years in which he lived, there were no news channels or blogosphere that provided information to people. So, he became famous for providing personalized news to individuals. It is said that Thoof provided vital news about the opposition party's strategies to both Caesar and Pompey.

What I found most interesting about Thoof was that he was gifted with the ability to prioritize news according to its relevance to the individual person's interests and the number of people who liked listening to the news, using a highly sophisticated and complex algorithm during those times called ThoofRank.

The founders of Thoof.com are commendable for choosing a name with such a deep meaning, which is highly relevant to their service and yet unique. And unlike the man-dog this Thoof can spread the news across the globe and hopefully will never die!

If you already don't know... Thoof.com also has the ability to prioritize news according to its relevance to your interests and the number of people who liked reading that news item. And if you have asked Thoof to spread your news item to the world, don't forget to append a ThoofRank Badge to your post or news item for readers to inform Thoof that they liked reading your news.

One thing I still don't understand is their revenue model. How do the founders plan to make a living out of it? Or are the founders planning to do some social service by making this social bookmarking service ads-free - the delicious way?
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