HashOut: 2007/09/12
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Foods that fight aging

Foods for health that prevent aging - green leafy vegetablesYes, sun ages skin. Yet some people are wrinkle-free while others look like prunes. The difference may be a good diet.

Australian scientists tracked eating habits and measured wrinkles of 450 people over 70 years old who lived in Australia, Greece and Sweden. Invariably, those with good diets had the best skin. Greeks who ate green leafy vegetable, olive oil, garlic and beans had baby-bottom cheeks compared with compatriots who favoured processed meat, sugary foods and butter. Aussies who sipped tea and dined on melons, sardines, asparagus, apples, prunes and multigrain bread fared best. So did Swedes who said ja to skim milk, eggs, low-fat yogurt, lima beans and spinach pie and nej to raos beef, friend potatoes, ice cream, pastries and aerated soft drinks.

The resulting advice is sound whether you're worried about your skin, waistline or heart: Replace foods high in saturated fats with fruit and vegetable, fish, beans, olive oil, whole grains and low fat dairy products.
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