HashOut: 2007/09/16
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Tripped Up By Summer Allergies?

Five ways to ease your misery.

The heat and dust of summer can be hard on may allergy sufferers. If you're one of the millions who's prone to allergies, follow the steps below to minimize your sneezing and wheezing.

Wait to work out. Avoid exercising outdoors in the early to midmorning hours, when pollen counts are highest.

Wash away pollen. Nightly shampooing rids hair of microscopic allergens, which can collect on your pillow and spark nighttime sneezing attacks and morning puffiness.

Shut windows. Use the air conditioning in the car and at home to reduce your exposure to dust and pollen.

Cover up. Wear a face mask when gardening, dusting, sweeping, and engaging in other activities that stir up pollen, mould and dust.

Take drugs early and often. Antihistamines and prescription nasal sprays work best when they are taken daily, before symptoms begin. Check with your doctor.
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