HashOut: 2007/09/17
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Keeping out the creatures

Want to keep your home from being invaded by roaches, ants and termites? Here's how:
  1. Trim back tree branches that overhang your roof. Many insects gain access to homes from tree limbs, and work their way in through small opening and vents.
  2. Keep leaves and other dead plant material 15 to 30 cms away from your home's outer walls. They retain moisture and attract pests.
  3. Look for tiny gaps around windows, at joints and corners, and between door-frames. Insects can easily squeeze through. If you see activity, spray insecticide into the cracks, let dry, and then close with a household seal. Even otherwie, just seal off cracks and gaps.
  4. Watch for insulation or sawdust-like debris around the house, in attics and in crawl spaces -- a possible sign that ants or termites are tunnelling through. Remove moisture sources and replace rotted wood or boards immediately.
  5. Call a pest-control company if you need to.
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