HashOut: 2007/09/25
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Pet Poison Control

Preventing Pet PoisoningTo prevent a life-threatening situation for your pet, be aware of these common house-hold hazards:
  • Chocolate. In dogs, it can cause irregular heartbeat and seizures. Just 85 grams of chocolate can even kill a 10-kilo dog. Other paws-off foods: onions, onion powder, yeast dough and mouldy foods.
  • Plants. For dogs and cats, ingesting common plants can cause depression, tremors, even death. Among poisonous plants -- both indoor and outdoor varieties -- are castor bean (seeds), sago palm, dieffenbachia, rhododendron, azalea, oleander, hyacinth, lily and tulip. Also read Pets are at risk outside too for the symptoms of consuming poisonous outdoor plants.
  • Chemicals. Cleaning agents, lawn chemicals, rat poisons and automotive products should be kept completely out of reach. Just one teaspoonful of automobile coolant could kill a cat; less than one tablespoon could be lethal to a 10 kilo dog.
  • Medications. Administer pet medicines exactly as prescribed. And keep your own medications safely away.
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