HashOut: 2007/09/28
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Think Fast - Test your first-aid skills with this quiz

  1. If a child swallows poison, give liquids.
  2. Put ice on a burn.
  3. Place a knocked-out tooth in milk.
  4. Only cuts longer than 2.5cm need stitches.
  5. Leave a chocking person as is.

  1. False. Call a doctor or hospital emergency instantly. Experts there can tell you whether to induce vomiting, give liquids, or stop worrying.
  2. False. Ice reduces blood flow, which can slow healing, "It also hurts like hell," says David Vukich at the American College of Emergency Physicians. Instead, run cool water on the burn for at least ten minutes. Then look at the spot: If it's blistered or charred, go to a hospital.
  3. True. Milk's minerals and consistency closely match the environment in your mouth. To have a good chance of saving the tooth, get to a dentist within 45 minutes.
  4. False. A cut can be short but deep and still require attention. If you can see into the cut or if bleeding doesn't stop after 15 minutes of applying direct pressure, call a doctor.
  5. True. But only if the person can speak or is coughing. If he isn't, he's not breathing. Call a doctor and perform the Heimlich manoeuvre: Link your arms slightly above his navel and pull up sharply.
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