HashOut: 2007/10/02
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Dating not for the young alone

Do you think that dating is just for the young? Think again. The old have the right to be happy, too! In fact in this age when the kids leave their folks alone to fend for themselves once they're on their feet, single parents need company to spend time.

DatingForSeniors.com is a senior dating and senior match making website where senior men and women can chat, meet and find suitable partners to spend the rest of their life with.

Signing up is totally free and it is very simple and easy to use. Like on many other dating sites you can browse through profiles, search for senior singles from your area and start interacting with members, exchange emails and probably meet them in person.

You might ask - Why another dating site just for seniors? Why can't seniors make use of other regular dating sites? To find the answer you might better ask a senior in your vicinity.
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Reading, Writing & Runny Noses

Preventing cold, sniffles & runny noses during monsoon and winterMost schoolchildren tend to get three to six viral illnesses a year -- usually when the seasons change, as with the onset of the monsoon, or of winter. If you and your kids can follow these rules, you'll all have a healthier school year.
  1. Soap up. Germs live a hand-to-mouth, -nose, or -eye existence. Keep your kids' hands clean, and they'll stay well. In an American study of 6000 school kids, regular hand washing-cut absenteeism 20 percent. It might seem too simple, but plain soap and water really work!
  2. Hands off! Back up the frequent-washing plan by reminding your kids to keep their hands off their faces as much as possible.
  3. Get some fresh air. Encourage your kids to play outside -- even if it's a bit cold. Kids don't "catch cold" from cool weather. Studies suggest even the traditional winter colds may result from people spending more time indoors.
  4. Get plenty of sleep. Researchers have found that sleep deprivation increases our susceptibility to colds.
  5. Just say no. If your child's best friend's mum says her son has the sniffles, cancel your child's play time with him.
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