HashOut: 2007/10/03
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The Bedside Gift Guide

Bedside Get Well Gifting IdeasVisiting a friend or relative in the hospital? Here is a list of gifts a patient will love you for.
  • Face, lip and body moisturizers, and bottled water. many hospitals are too hot and dry.
  • Scented candles. You probably won't be allowed to light them, but they'll still help overcome that distinctive medicinal odor.
  • A newspaper or magazine.
  • Flowers are lovely, but they die quickly in a warm hospital room. A small plant or orchids will last.
  • A book. Always take into consideration the taste of the recipient, but steer clear of heavy philosophy.
  • A good small reading lamp. This tames the pallor of the overhead fluorescent lighting, and if reading is the patient's primary diversion, he or she deserves a great bedside light source.
  • A portable tape or CD player and a tape or CD of your friend's favorite music.
  • A notebook or journal to jot down telephone numbers, thoughts and messages.
  • Tweezers. My sister made me promise that if she was ever in an accident and went into a coma, I'd come in and tweeze her eyebrows.
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