HashOut: 2007/11/01
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How to share websurfing sessions with friends?

Daftdoggy is a website that lets you do just that for free. You can record a websurfing session and then save it as a link to share with others. You could use it to give someone a guided tour around the Intenet, from a single ink.

Daftdoggy also lets you edit the recorded web-surfing session to add comments and teaching notes. On playback there is a small blue box at the bottom of the page which, when you place your mouse over, gives a translucent screen containing whatever you'd like to say about a particular webpage. So now you can tell people why you want them to see a certain webpage. You can point out what's good and bad about the page before moving on to the next one.

Here's a quick example of what I mean. It's a link that takes you through a few resources on Alexander The Great.

Here's another example that takes you through a "videojukebox" of Amy Winehouse on YouTube. (When recording active content such as YouTube, Daftdoggy won't show the media that you're recording but it will on playback).

Another way people are using DaftDoggy is to use it as an online favorites page that stores all of their sites when they're away from their own systems.
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