HashOut: 2007/11/07
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Meow if you hate smoke

Smokers and nonsmokers alike have had their consciousness raised about the effects of secondhand smoke on humans. But, until now, no one had considered cats.

A recent study in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that cats living with a smoker are twice as likely to develop lymphoma, the most common cancer in cats, as are those in smoke-free homes. Felines living with two smokers face four times the risk.

Cats may be particularly affected by household smoke (including fireplace smoke) because they spend so much time indoors and because, when grooming, they ingest particles that have fallen on their fur.

Aside from quitting, smokers can minimize risk to their cats by keeping them out of rooms where people light up. Brushing or bathing the cats may also help.

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Have you found out your Dumbness Quotient?

Do you know how dumb you are?Did you ever check out how dumb you are? Or did you even ever think about doing so? I guess you might find it really very dumb but I would recommend you take it at least once at QuizRocket.com. It's nothing but a quiz to check your intelligence which gives you results inversed. I took the quiz and was pretty impressed with the questions.

Once you are through with the quiz, you are given a badge showing your dumbness that you can flaunt and brag about on your blog or Myspace.

If you have got some more time to kill, you could also try the Naughty or Nice Quiz, How Sexy Are You Quiz, Loser - Geek - Dork - Nerd Quiz, Punk Quiz, and the Goth Test.
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