HashOut: 2007/11/24
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Sending gifts to South Africa?

Dos and don'ts

It's the season of gifting. However, if you are sending a present to someone in South Africa, make sure you comply with the following requirements:
  • The gifts have to be sent from an individual abroad to an individual in South Africa.
  • Any gifts sent from a company to an individual or an individual to a company will not qualify as a gift.
  • All gifts are subject to Customs duties and VAT at their respective rates.
  • All gifts have to be sent on a Demurrage and Duty Paid (Inter Station Billing) basis.
  • The invoices have to be Commercial only and in English.
  • Proforma and hand-written invoices are NOT allowed.
  • Vague invoice descriptions such as "Gifts" are unacceptable.
  • The individual commodities have to be spelt out with their respective quantity and unit prices.
  • No PO Box addresses are allowed; only physical addresses and contact details are critical in order to ensure fast and effective clearance through Customs.
  • No perishables are allowed as this will be stopped for Port Health to verify if it is fit for human consumption, with the risk of destruction.
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