HashOut: 2007/11/28
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Keeping a tab on music tabs

I was quite intrigued by the wide variety of tablatures available at tTabs.com. I found the selection of over 140,000 guitar, bass, and drum tabs to be quite useful.

Once a dedicated fan of the Online Guitar Archive (OLGA) prior to its legal battles, the discovery of tTabs was music to my eyes. If you have any interest in music tablature, be sure to check out tTabs.com.

An example of the quality tablature available on the site is this rendition of drum tabs for Evanescence's "Bring Me To Life". After trying out the tab last night, I found the trabscription to be quite accurate, though I suspect my neighbors might not have enjoyed my drum solos as much as I did.
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Nosebleed Alert

People typically get nosebleeds from things like dry weather, blowing or picking. But some times a nosebleed can be more serious. Here's when to seek medical attention, says Dr. Michael C. Fabian, an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist in Toronto:
  • If the blood is still flowing after applying ten minutes of continuous pressure to the nose. Usually, pinching your nose should stop the bleeding within five to ten minutes.
  • If you have frequent nosebleeds. These could result from a bleeding disorder or an abnormal lesion in the nose.
  • If you're bleeding down the back of your throat, as well as your nostril, or if you're bleeding from both nostrils. That could mean a deeper bleed.
  • If the bleeding is rapid and copious, and/or you feel week.
  • If you get a nosebleed as a result of a head or facial injury.

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