HashOut: 2008/01/31
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Know your health, online

The invitation on a website reads: "Use nutrition tools to assess your health risks." Enter your height, weight, waist and hip measurements. And it will tell whether you are overweight or not!

The website, nutritionvista.com, recommends visitors to contact its online dieticians to analyse steps to improve their health parameters.

"You are what you eat," says US-based gatroenterologist and nutritionist Dr Sunil S. Jhangiani, who is the founder of the website. According to him, "a high level of functioning is possible only with better health".

For employers, the website offers online health screenings and suggests proactive measures for 'at risk' employees to adopt healthier lifestyles. Linked with Telerad RxDx, a multi-specialty clinic in Bangalore, the website targets corporate clients, and people leading sedentary lifestyle. It offers assessment tools, one-to-one consultation with qualified physicians, web-based 24/7 support, regular follow-up visits and latest information on health and nutrition from around the globe. All for free. Another feature is the list of healthy preparations. A customer is free to send in his recipe. "If required, we will also advice on how to improve the nutritional value of the recipe," says dietician Kanchan Saggi.

The website has the daily exercise planner, community blogs, did-you-knows and food intake analyses. A friendly layout and pleasing colours are added features. Nutritionvista comes with a disclaimer that it "does not intend to create any physician-patient relationship or supplant any in-person medical consultant or examination".
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